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Earn points with the LCC Check

With the LCC Check, you can convincingly argue for a preventive pump replacement.The Wilo LCC Check determines the efficiency of the existing heating pump of your customer and recommends the optimal replacement pump. The savings potential is convincingly calculated in euros, and the amortisation time is documented in a data sheet.

Convince yourself with an example calculation

Present the cost comparison between further use of the current pump and the situation after the needs-based replacement with a Wilo high-efficiency pump, quickly and competently.

Your arguments: Savings potential and amortisation time

With the specification of the savings potential and the amortisation time, you give your customer a solid basis for his decision to exchange his heating pump.

The Wilo LCC check is available online:
Wilo LCC Check

And this is how you can get a quick calculation for your customers:

Find the existing pump in the database.
If the existing pump shouldn't be there, a few nameplate specifications must be acquired.

The characteristic curves are stored for the selected existing pump so that a dutypoint can be immediately suggested.This can be used directly for calculation. Alternatively, the volume flow and the delivery head can be roughly calculated.

In the last step, you will get the needs-based selection of a Wilo high-efficiency pump and the life cycle cost calculation for both pumps. The cost savings and amortisation time are convincingly shown in 2 diagrams.

Before you print out or save the PDF data sheet, you can enter your contact data.
This way, you will get the best preconditions for a successful customer discussion about preventive pump cycling.

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