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As part of the ErP (Energy related Products) Directive, the European Union has legislated for energy conservation with reduced CO2 emissions and climate protection as per our Kyoto protocol commitments. These legal requirements for energy-related products (ErP) limits electricity consumption considerably, including circulation  pumps. In effect, this Directive signals the end of inefficient pumps and ensures cheaper operating cost benefits with short return on investment and payback periods.

Heating, cooling and cold water pumps are among the biggest power consumers worldwide consuming 20% of the total power consumed by all motors so these require significant attention and consideration.

Older pump models installed within your building at present and due for replacement in the short term may be using higher amounts of energy for heating/ventilation and cold water/hot water generation due to previous design criteria and technology. However , energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved in some cases by replacing older less efficient pump designs with newer technology, higher and premium efficiency pumps.

The potential can be easily and quickly calculated by a brief survey of existing pump plant by one of our Engineers and compiling a life cycle cost analysis which will determine the return on investments costs and savings potentials which can be substantial.

The Energy Solutions department at Wilo Ireland can assist in upgrading your Pumps to the High/Premium Efficieny models as per current EU Legislation to which the Irish Government have also leglislated for in May 2011 as a commitment to EU requirements for energy and CO2 saving.

Contact Declan McPartlin in our Energy Solutions Department who will be happy to provide you with information on energy savings or discuss any queries you may have in more detail:

T: 01 426 0000


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