Pioneering for You

Water supply and sewage disposal.

Everything from one source.

Water is our element

Water is our element

Since 1872, Wilo has meant one thing: moving water. Over the long course of our company history, we have continued to set milestones that make life with water easier and more convenient. Today WILO SE, headquartered in Dortmund, has a global presence as an all-round provider of pumps and pump systems for water supply and sewage disposal.

We have always believed in handling resources responsibly, especially water and energy. For our environment, for better sustainability and for your wallet. That’s what we call "Pioneering for You".

Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix VE,

the forward-looking one

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Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix EXCEL,

the constant pressure one

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Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix V,

the operational one

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Wilo-SiFire EN,

the steady one

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Wilo-Sub TWI 6,

the resistant one

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Wilo-RainSystem AF 400,

the precious one

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Wilo-Rexa PRO,

the reliable one

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Wilo-DrainLift XXL,

the all-encompassing one

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Wilo-DrainLift FTS,

the diligent one

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Wilo-RexaLift FIT WS 830,

the heavy-duty one

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